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News & Topic in 2019

Unitop Group Held 2019 1st Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (ESM) & 1st Sessions of 1st Board of Directors and 1st Board of Supervisors

On April 24, Unitop Group held 2019 1st Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (ESM) & 1st Sessions of 1st Board of Directors and 1st Board of Supervisors in its headquarters, attendants included representatives of shareholders, directors, supervisors and some executives et al, and Mr. Zhang Xuannan, Board Chairman and President of Unitop Group, Madam Chen Ying, executive Vice President of Unitop Group, Madam Li Yi, Vice President of Unitop Group, Mr. Feng Hongtao, General Manager of Shenzhen Merchants Huihe Capital Management Co., Ltd, Madam Zhong Hui, General Manager of Jingzhou Merchants Huide Capital Management Co., Ltd, Mr. Chang Wei, Vice President of Shenzhen Merchants Huihe Capital Management Co., Ltd and Mr. Zhao Xianming, Investment Manager of Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.

At Unitop Group 2019 1st ESM, four proposals, including Proposal on Setup of Unitop Board of Directors and Proposal on Setup of Unitop Board of Supervisors and Election of Supervisors, were approved and adopted; Mr. Zhang Xuannan, Mr. Feng Hongtao, Madam Chen Ying, Madam Li Yi and Madam Liu Youzhan were elected as member of the first Board of Directors; and Mr. Diao Hong, Madam Zhong Hui and Mr. Liao Liming were elected as members of the first Board of Supervisors.

Then, at the 1st Session of 1st Board of Directors and the 1st Session of 1st Board of Supervisors, Mr. Zhang Xuannan and Mr. Diao Hong were elected to hold the offices of President of Unitop Group and Chairman of Board of Supervisors, respectively.

Agenda of the ESM included summary on operation and development situation of Unitop Group in 2018 and 2019 Q1, explanation on 2019 work plan for all business segments that accepted and affirmed by all attending shareholders; sticking to “Lead by air service, break through from international business” development thinking, Unitop Group has devoted to build core competiveness in internationalization, integration and B2B and focus on business development with fruitful results.

In 2018, Unitop Group not only successfully developed new air freight model for seamless fusion of “International air transportation + International air cargo agency”, becoming an excellent domestic air logistics supplier, but also succeeded in all-channel logistics general outsourcing model, for example, Unitop DSR is about 45% higher than that of the competitors for Annil project, Unitop Group was awarded “2018 China Superior Forwarder for Clothing Enterprises” and included in “Information Application Cases of Excellent Smart Logistics Enterprises”; moreover, Unitop Group successfully set a sample of new “Big logistics + Big trade” fusion model; in 2019, 35 varieties of flowers, with Unitop Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd as the exclusive agency, were successively exported to Dubai in Middle East via Unitop Airlines’ Kunming-Dubai cargo flights, which helped special plateau agricultural products in Yunnan going abroad, with widespread attention of media and news coverage.

Corporate development never ends, and it is a long way of keeping up with the times. Since the foundation in Shenzhen in 1998, Unitop Group has established a stereoscopic transportation system of self-owned air fleet (6 * B747 and 7 * A300 all-cargo aircrafts) and fleet of trucks as core carrying capacity, over 100 medium-to-large warehousing and transshipment centers, collection and distribution system covering over 30 international metropolises and over 2000 domestic counties/cities, devoted to build an integrated logistics enterprise in line with international standards, multidimensional and able to meet customers’ requirements for multilevel one-stop logistics services. Unitop Group is an industry leader in many business fields, such as air cargo, small parcel express, bulk contractual logistics, bonded logistics, cross-border logistics, integrated warehousing and distribution, trade and supply chain, and the like.

Unitop Group is in the important period of reform and development, successful conclusion of the 2019 1st ESM and 1 Session of 1st Board of Directors represented recognition and support of shareholders and directors to the development of Unitop Group, completed corporate governance structure, moved a firm step toward standard business management and scientific development, which will play a big part in our participation in market competition, and infuse supporting power to its development.

With accumulated experience and strength for over 20 years, concerted efforts of all staffs innovative development, we believes that Unitop Group will realize the good vision of “Serve the world, convey infinite” in foreseeable future, and successfully march toward a glorious new epoch of development.