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A Breakthrough: Uni-Top Group and XCAC Has Stepped into Deep Collaboration

On May 12, 2017, Uni-Top Group in its Shenzhen headquarters signed a collaborative agreement with the Xi’an Civil Aircraft Company (XCAC), a subsidiary of AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group. At the signing ceremony, the vice general manager of XCAC, Zhang Xiaohong, and the Chairman of Uni-Top Group, Zhang Xuannan, witnessed this significant moment together with the executives from both sides. The collaboration encompasses such aspects as the purchase of MA600 passenger and cargo planes, the market promotion in regional operations of passenger and cargo air transport, and the strategic cooperation in logistics, international projects, as well as supply chains.

MA600 passenger and cargo planes belong to the new type of the Modern Ark series. When determining this purchasing, the Group not only considered corresponding the new aircraft to its own business requirements for now and the future, but also endeavored to support this Chinese brand, assisting it in exhibiting its image to the world. After friendly mutual discussions, both sides have the consensus that MA600 is the ideal type for Uni-Top’s subsidiaries to operate domestic and Southeast Asian airline services as its payload and related parameters perfectly satisfy the current needs of the Group.

The air route network the Group has been setting up turns out perfectly suitable for the national strategic demands – the emphasis has been placed on the emerging markets and countries along the Belt and Road. Uni-Top presently operates and maintains a fleet of 4 Boeing 747 and 7 A300 freighters, with a transport capacity ranking the forth nationwide and the first among the private airlines. What is more, it has established competencies in the medium-long range air freight market, which caters to China’s growing demands on cross-border logistics. In recent years, as Chinese economy booms, there are increasing needs of the cross-border e-commerce and logistics industries; thus it is the surging of international trade that lets air freight business prosper. Meanwhile, the domestic e-commerce and courier service unprecedentedly brisk up, which expedites the growth of domestic air freight industry. Uni-Top has an insight into this favorable situation; therefore the decision of purchasing MA600 aircraft just comes at the right time. After setting up its hub airport in Yunnan Province, the service of Uni-Top Airlines has covered more densely in the Southwest China and the Southeast Asia; therefore this purchase will raise the Group’s transport capacity on short-to-medium range and domestic air routes. Obviously, the fleet expansion is bound to multiply the coverage of its entire logistics network. For better carrying out this agreement, both sides assented to establish a collaborative group where both the vice general manager of XCAC, Zhang Xiaohong, and the Chairman of Uni-Top Group, Zhang Xuannan, are jointly responsible for conducting the related cooperation. Undeniably, this cooperation will assist the Group in grabbing more market share in air freight, yet on the other hand both sides, while utilizing their respective strengths, especially overseas resources, to support each other, will grow concurrently.

Under the agreement, both sides will also cooperate concerning logistics suppliers, transport services and assurance. XCAC will support the Group to be a qualified logistics supplier for transporting not only spare parts and equipment of the Modern Ark series, but also XCAC’s business packages, irregular packages, testing devices, and things used for exhibition. In addition, XCAC will prioritize the Group’s logistics service for XCAC’s new customers when needing the transport of maintenance spare parts and equipment. In return, the Group will provide XCAC with a high quality logistics service globally in the maintenance of the MA700 series, owing to its abundant resources and rich experience in the air freight industry. It is easy to envision that after taking the MA600 passenger and cargo jets as a complement to B747 and A300, the two types of aircraft under operation, the Group’s business will surely be more prosperous than ever before, and that will aid its pace to become a global market leader in integrated logistics.