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2017.03.17 Chairman Zhang Met with Leaders of Wuhan Transport Committee

On March 17, Zhang Xuannan, the chairman of Uni-Top Corporation and Chen Ying, the executive vice president of Uni-Top Corporation and U-Tair's general manager, accompanied by Zhu Xueqing, U-Tair's deputy general manager and Li Zhi, the assistant to GM, paid an official visit to Wuhan Municipal Transport Committee, where they met with the director Yu Shiping, and the deputy director Chen Youxiang, additionally joined by Li Hu, the director of the committee's Civil Aviation Office and Ma Shiwen, a department chief from Wuhan Logistics Bureau. In an amicable and brisk atmosphere, both parties conferred on many issues of mutual concern.

Mr Zhang commenced with a sincere gratitude to the city government and the committee for their consistent support and help to Uni-Top. He reported to the leaders on the current status of Uni-Top's operations, and meanwhile made some reasonable requests, according to the current market changes. He added that Uni-Top is ready to enter into a discussion with the City for a prospective strategic cooperation agreement.

Director Yu and Deputy Director Chen both expressed their admiration of the visit paid by Mr Zhang and his party. Mr Yu fully affirmed the achievements U-Tair attained in 2006, and especially pointed out that as a fast-growing air freight carrier based in Wuhan, U-Tair's contribution to the development of Tianhe Airport has been immense and irreplaceable.

It is in the year of 2016 that Uni-Top opened up air freight routes for scheduled and chartered flights to Mumbai, Madras, Dhaka, Karachi and Singapore, all radiating from Wuhan, the metropolitan and transport hub situated in the heart of china. Its cooperation with Tianhe Airport is doubtlessly to be closer for a more promising year.

During the meeting, the two parties also had in-depth and fruitful talk on a variety of issues, including how to boost the city's air freight industry, expand its route network, streamline the supply chains, etc., all anticipating future opportunities for more productive discussions.