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2017.03.08 A Lecture Tour to Promote Work Safety and Staff's Integrity

Workplace safety should be a top priority for all businesses and to employees, a winner is one who responds authentically by being credible, trustworthy, responsive. For the sake of promoting staff's integrity and workplace safety, the Maintenance Engineering Department of Uni-Top Airlines launched publicity and education on Keeping Integrity Intact and Observing Regulations in its Wuhan base on February 13. Some senior personnel were assigned as lecturers by the Quality Control Department to give a series of presentations; participants from Wuhan were convened by the General Training Department while, in Shenzhen and Kunming, the presentations were organized by the related supervisors. In each venue, the maintenance staff watched videos issued by the associated authorities while listening to the explanations. Up to March 8, three sessions were conducted in Wuhan; elsewhere the presentations were already completed.

Centralizing the theme of Keeping Integrity Intact and Observing Regulations, the presentations were given to focus on four key points: CAAC's Overall Requirements, Typical Case Studies, Management Measures, and Risk Prevention and Control. This activity is intended to let the maintenance staff fully understand the essence of observing the regulations and being credible so as to pursue professional quality, and cultivate a rigorous and excelsior working style as well.

Of the 143 personnel in the Maintenance Engineering Department, 138 have attended this activity up to now. These presentations will be conducted throughout the department. Furthermore, the Quality Control Department will organize additional lectures in all Uni-Top bases and branches to ensure there are no blind spots and no missing out. Evidently, it is bound to promote the staff's integrity and safety at work, boosting the formation of Integrity management system and positive working atmosphere.