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News & Topic in 2016

2016.07.15 First Debate Contest on Aviation Safety Ended

The first debate contest, jointly sponsored by the Operation Control Department and the Safety Supervision Department of Uni-Top Airlines, came to a finale in the company’s conference room on July 15. The topic of the final debate is ‘Safety production management can be better achieved through scrutinizing the details first, or mainly focusing on the main issues?’

The ardently debating was between the 2nd Team of Cargo Transport Safety Control and the Administrative and Office Team. After making a claim, stating from 2nd and 3rd debaters, overall reasoning and summarizing, the Administrative and Office Team became champion, outdoing its opponent by a slight advantage of only 1.3 points. Up to the moment, the first debate contest of Uni-Top Airlines, starting from July 1, drew a conclusion.

There are six teams from Uni-Top Group attending this debate, all with high enthusiasm and good preparation. This wonderful event has enhanced team spirit, disseminated safety-related knowledge, and reinforced aviation safety awareness in the whole company as well.