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News & Topic in 2016

2016.06.01 First A Check On A300-600 Completed

From May 30 to June 1, Uni-Top Airlines carried through its first A Check on its A300-600 cargo aircraft by the Maintenance Engineering Department.

Since the newly-introduced A300-600 cargo planes being in full operation, Uni-Top Airlines’ transport capacity has been augmented and, accordingly, so has the requirements on maintenance services.

Faced with difficulties, such as lack of experience, and short of adroit mechanics and some necessary equipment, the whole maintenance engineering staff, collaborating with Airbus tech support personnel, toiled and made great efforts to have established a set of A Check working procedures. Within three days, a successful test run marked the conclusion of this task.

In the course of A Check, the professionals accumulated ample experience through researching and learning from Airbus tech support personnel, which paved the way for setting up standard procedures for the following A Checks over A300-600 aircraft.

Undergoing this valuable but agonizing experience, all the participants in this task will more profoundly know their jobs, and play key roles in the daily flight maintenance.