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2016.05.18 Shenzhen-Kuala Lumpur Air Freight Service Kicks Off

On May18, with its A300-600 cargo aircraft put into use, Uni-Top Airlines began its Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur flight over an air cargo route scheduled three flights per week. The service is aimed at facilitating foreign trade and express air freight in the region around the Pearl River Estuary, where the supplies of goods are concentrated, generally containing clothing, shoes, general merchandise and others, with.

It is expected that, in the wake of its smooth operation, four flights a week are to be carried out.

Under the guidance of the national ‘One belt, One Road’ strategy, the airline will optimize its existing air routes, and be committed to opening more competitive ones to Southeast Asia, achieving the full potential of Southeast Asian markets, and covering more countries along the ‘One belt, One road’.

In addition, the company will count on Shenzhen's advantage of being a mature integrated logistics support center and its 24-hour customs clearance service, to improve its air freight services and attract more clients.

With the continual opening of new routes and A300-600 cargo planes applied in service, Uni-Top Airlines' international cargo route network will be more efficient and its transport capacity beefed up; hence the Group's logistic system strengthened. It is a substantial step toward the company's strategic goal of setting up an advanced air freight network among South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. Furthermore, it contributes to the national civil aviation’s strategy of integrating air freight transport with the services of warehouse, shipping agents, allocation and delivery, and also realizing an effective allocation of funding, resources, the sources of guests and goods, and services among upstream and downstream industries.