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2016.04.06 A300-600 Cargo Aircraft into Full Operation Announced

Publicizing its A300-600 freighters into full service, Uni-Top Airlines held an official press conference in Wuhan, Hubei province on April 6, 2016.

Yang Fan, the general manager of Uni-Top Airlines, presided over the news conference, attended by leaders, guests and friends from the provincial and municipal governments, the civil aviation authorities along with the associated institutes, and some financial institutions, news media and business partners at home and abroad.

Joyfully gathering together, all partakers witnessed this significant moment that marked A300-600 aircraft into full air freight service.

Xuannan Zhang, the chairman of Uni-Top Group, said at the news conference, ‘A300-600 cargo aircraft are to be applied not only in domestic air transport but also in long range air shipment up to 4500 km. Its maximum payload is around 48 tons, with a fully loaded flight as long as 6 hours.

The introduction of A300-600 cargo aircraft will strengthen the group’s competitive capacity in international air freight markets, and will render Wuhan more advantages of being an international air cargo distribution center. Therefore, this event will exert a positive influence on the air freight industry over central China, and even the whole country as well.