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News & Topic in 2016

2016.03.15 A New Record of Single-flight Payload Set

At midnight on March 15, a fully loaded Uni-Top Airlines' Boeing 747 freighter, took off from Ningbo Lishe International Airport for Dhaka.

The cargo aircraft was carrying bulk-cargo that consisted essentially of garments and bags stacked on 26 pallets, which had set a new record of single-flight payload in Ningbo Lishe Airport.

To respond positively to the magnificent ‘One Belt, One Road’ transnational strategy, Uni-Top Airlines has opened this Ningbo-Dhaka air freight route. On March 5, the maiden flight was realized, bringing Ningbo Lishe Airport into a new phase of regular operating international air transport service through large cargo aircraft.

With the Ningbo-Dhaka route in regular service, Uni-Top Airlines will exert more influence on the air freight markets, and increase its cargo transport capacity. The company commits itself to strengthening its core competitive advantages, in order to provide quality services to customers in East China and Bangladesh.