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News & Topic in 2016

2016.03.04 Uni-Top Fulfils Its Maiden Wuhan to Mumbai Cargo Flight

On March 4, celebrating the taking off of a cargo plane from Wuhan to Mumbai, Uni-Top Airlines inaugurated its new international freight route.

The first batch of goods carried on board comprised high value-added products, such as high-end consumer electronics, raw materials and construction equipment.

Caught attention by this event, many media, such as Wuhan TV, CNHubei, Changjiang Daily have reported the news.

Yang Fan, the general manager of Uni-Top Airlines, was interviewed on Wuhan TV. He gave a detailed account of the related information such as an overall description of the cargo planes allocated to this route, and the flight schedule. He believes the new international route will satisfy the needs of the clients from China and India so that more consignors will enjoy the services of Uni-Top Airlines.

This is one more important air freight route Uni-Top Airlines has set, in line with the ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategic deployment, after the successive opening of Wuhan to Bishkek, Wuhan to Delhi, Wuhan to Almaty, Wuhan to Dhaka routes. It has laid a solid foundation for the company’s full development in 2016, a year of strategic significance. Both the company and the surrounding regions will profit from it, and it will also in some way push forward the construction of the BCIM Economic Corridor.