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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
Core ideology

On the basis of control analysis of risk of market and the development of business, the company establishes an international cargo airlines of good performance, harmonious labor relation, and being beneficial for society on a long-term perspective for sustainable development.
The three responsibility concepts that making profit for shareholders, creating value for customers and suppliers, and growing with staff together are achieved through the propelling and responsibility defining conducted by the company management. The company implements social responsibility of safety, efficiency, good operation, low-carbon emission, and public benefit.

Concept of responsibility

1. Safe production and compliance with policy;
2. Harmonious labour and management and staff caring;
3. Care for the disadvantaged, disaster and poverty relief
4. Recycling and low-carbon emission, energy saving and environmental protection
5. Rights protection for customers and consumers
6. Create social value and enrich staff’s life.

Special topics of responsibility

1. Optimize the airline network and decrease the energy consumption; standardize the operational procedure and reduce the environmental pollution; Implement the basic consensus of resource conservation and environmental protection, recycle cargo packaging, and make effort for circular economy; Strive to construct a low-carbon-based organization by planning of joining the user group of Sustainable aviation biofuel.
2. Provide professional freight service of high quality for society;
3. Create more job opportunities for society;
4. Provision of education opportunities: training of safe production awareness, special training for professional skills, lectures on the legal labor and employment, and lectures on the protection of employees’ rights and interests.
5. Based on the establishment of overall strategy for social responsibility, the company details the strategy implemented for the social responsibility annually to ensure the implementation of strategy for the social responsibility and play a real role of improving management processes and guiding sustainable development.